Another fortunate year for the unlucky, or at least that is were the popular consensus has landed. Not to shine light on stratagem perspectives, but the engineering behind ordinary day dualities can be rather confusing. Best defend your predetermined side and wash all the dirt off your intuitions. Perhaps an obtuse point of view but a view to point at nonetheless, astonishingly self formulated opinions have become infinitely scarce this day in age.

Through today’s faceless glass, I gaze down upon an overweighted post apocalyptic population, all rabid with unrelated symptoms. Mercifully, it is nothing short of what a good coiffure and shave could remedy. However, questions can’t help themselves to still arise. Was extroversion the going fare for feeling semi-human? Could I have possibly been the key to unlocking someone else’s loneliness? And if so, was it the distance that kept us truly together?

Now, what does one do with this sense of yearning, a suspiration to the mere thought of anything prior to my own personal immunization. I thought I was insusceptible, but I was wrong. Now I am dampened with a sentiment that even all the scarlets in Bedstuy couldn’t cure.

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