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If I put myself out-of-site, will the mind follow? An elicited truth could very well confuse Houdini for a simple novice. After all, the intellect naturally provides extreme conservation; capable of barricading us from any evil we wish to escape from. Smoke and mirrors are a cinch to harness, as we could conceal the factual knowledge of any given perception. On the contrary, it is the revelation of the unknown that holds the only true merit; untouched by influence, leading any virtuoso to its final masterpiece.

Let us take God for instance, or lack thereof; a marrow that may often camouflage its own paragon of deception. Mental masturbation for the most, blockage of enlightened potential for the remainder; despite its bliss of ignorance. Enough riddles, the point has been beating about the bush. Life and death apparently need to be explained, and as precious as both may very well be; a dominant entity must take full responsibility.

Which introduces the question, can a grieving infidel hate God? I am afraid the exhausting paradox has lead astray, even on a holy day. Theism appears to be the perk for an unhappy believer; dawning light on this tangible hatred. I have found neither stranger in blood nor next of kin may conduct such a false blasphemy. Antipathy will cloud prudence and the fundamental axiom of life will go unappreciated.

Catechetical instructions aside, living has become an illness; and raising the chalice of bitterness is only a small symptom. Left to the vices within a marination of filth, a potential false-advertising lawsuit merges for the surgeons general. Vulnerability lends hand to population control; homosexuality, infectious disease, self-termination, present company included. Natural science can hardly be understood, let alone domesticated. After mercy of macrocosm, what remains for the anal retentive; angels and demons?

A dark tachrichim hangs neatly in the closet; clarity will arise when time reaches the essence. Undoubtedly, vivacity will be my last will and testament.

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