River ships, loosely wound, playfully jitter and playfully jounce. Concave in shape as lentil in color, a blind fleet surrenders to the rhythm of liquid vibrato. A pond to occupy their safe passage, all dismissed by the touch of a gentle finger. First in growing circles, as waves of expression are soon to follow; like curtains of foliage revealing all in which it has been preciously hiding.

With watery drapes fully undrawn, the new days stage is nearly set. By submerge view, image is only conceived in flicker; on the contrary to underwater silence which is always perfectly audible. Hereafter amidst bubble and foam, an anticipated audience awaits. Somewhere between the beneath and the all encompassing above, the moment has finally proven itself to be just right.

Encore to another inspiring escape? I bet you had them all captivated, even if just for a little while. For all the world’s preparation and practice could never hold candle to the naturality of your luminous artistry. Notably convinced by my own distant listeners; as they shall always graciously applaud. However in the same measure, they are apologetic all the same. Forgive me for my invisibility, as for my price of admission was not yet fully paid.

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