Take me with you or I will be left with little choice; a mortals gift forevermore shall shower this weakened earth. Magically, I fell upon unabridged agreement; a dusty cenotaph contested fruitless against cascading waterfalls. Utmost urgency set forth to an incomparable paramount; for only the finest will suffice. Amidst the umpteenth visitation, the park alliance came into realization of how extremely austere I was. Crowned the seasons ambassador; with honor, my every wish was gratefully granted.

A hidden guilt among the common populace, we all fantasize the attendance of our own funeral; it was an impressive outcome to say the least. With nixed eulogy prepared, I vaguely remember a watery improv. When time played the role of generosity, Prospect was always the runner’s desired destination; I’d like to think this reserve was your target intention.

So enlighten me, could a completion be served for a bipedal marathon? Within a liquid trance, I aspire your silence will thaw come springtime. For now, dress warm; for I can smell the untainted frost of an incoming storm. Daydreams to dusk; ashes to snowflakes – Happy Birthday, my icelandic princess.

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