Page XII

A brisk alloy from public engines, roll atop the vibrating shuffle; as the high-speed landscape morphs into the next upcoming town. Astonishing feat for a rustic track, all of which so carefully predestined. A simple clockwork guide for a plethora of endless transports, intensely over-relaxed but certainly always on-time. Headway full of gumption, a distant suburbia awaits; patience imperative for a locomotive vessel trapped in hasty lunge.

A holiday exodus served best for the urban masses, the great Manhattan escape, if you will. When skyscrapers shrink and sales pitches grow fainter, the eye candy tends to shift into the more elusive. Damn those vandals in disguise; for I have always been more partial to artistic graffiti over corporate advert. Perhaps its a successful sorcery among the walking demographics that I currently surround.

Revisit again, the final Thursday of November. A moment to reflect back to a perfect family; me, you, and the accompaniment of our six furry children. With all immediate gone, difficulty fares well against the thought of thankfulness.

Upon a much lighter side, an experience of a lifetime entwines internally within my heart; arguable to which some have never felt such bliss. Timeline at complete disregard, mere moments compared to extended years; truly wholehearted and unconditionally – I thank you my love, for your choice and absolute acceptance.

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