Restlessly I declare, the very fine line between floating and drowning. Perhaps it’s the tonic talking, but we could agree upon a minute difference at the very least. Alas, these bartenders have it out for me, buoyant above another damp pour. Deleterious to my dismay, embarrassingly admitting I’ve mistaken them both for twins. Speaking of double vision, do you miss the old downtown skylines? Apologies, my subscription to nonsense expired ages ago. I swear, introversity comes naturally for me. Slightly impressed however predominantly surprise to hear the sound of my own voice. I’ve actually acquired a story or two in my time. Now would you be so kind to share with me one of yours?

You will have to excuse me, I’m not the type of person to whom organizes his pocket squares by scent. Nevertheless I still feel a ride home is in order, chivalry pardoned for there is no door to be opened. My sobering thoughts are glad to be seeing only one of you now. Although the face I see is a little too unfamiliar for my taste, the pleasant company has been enjoyed all the same.

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