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Five days in, resting on three months later. No disrespect in reference intended, I know nothing could lay comparison to the suffering of Auschwitz; for she never cared much for supreme authorities anyway. Surprisingly, the electric was still active. Disgust festers in cogitation of what might be rotting amidst the icebox. Overhauls equal necessity and futons now belong to the kitchen; do you like what I’ve done with the place?

Mingus temporarily placed upon the top-shelf, the early frequencies of Geddy and Geezer take front stage; “her life was saved by rock ‘n’ roll”. A genre congested with lyricists conducting the decisive mood; but far too often instruct the listener how to feel. The repeat button serves an excellent antidote for any bipolar disorder, although metathesiophobia will remain stagnant rather then stable.

Ethanol and nicotine have carelessly superseded all faint scents of feline. Much like Sisyphus, within a disposition that cannot be controlled; only to be contently accepted. Betwixt and between the human condition, I wear my talisman tight and continue copulating this malignant fantasia. Naturally, all personal ventures lead somewhere.

She always cherished the soft mixture of vibrant hues, but sadly we were unable to keep tulips due to the toxicity. Of course wildflowers were a consistent favorite. My initiation began with pink roses; and if you know the spot, you’ll find a makeshift vase fastened to the fence wrapping the corner. Keeping beauty fresh would be the perfect match for her allure and artistry.

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