Brooklyn brownstones sailed across crooked cobblestones. It was a fine ship, all dressed to the nines; but one that must be abandoned by first morning light. A termites appetite subsisted well, feeding upon what was left of our vessels port and starboard. Ounce for ounce, the captains air-guitar was excluded from the manifest. Yes, it was a frivolous and scot-free talent. Pardon a sailors mouth, but I was pretty fucking good at it.

“I sense much anger in you”, opportunities to quote Yoda are few and far between; but have you ever tried opening a wine bottle with a hammer and a screwdriver? Not recommended. It was the same brute behavior that destroyed our beautiful french doors, not to mention a mass of carpus bone. Excuses bestow me, I’ve got the devil riding my back. Bastard whom spat inferno upon this last supper; gyoza, miso, edamame. It couldn’t possibly taste the same without my sweetest of friends.

It’s difficult to conceive, all of this gathered time; every transcending moment, every month in laborious passing. And to think, I was completely convinced; assured that the only way I was leaving this apartment was in a body bag. Reputably a shallow promise? Lore has it, the eye of the beholder may prefer his afterlife heated.

Thoroughly surveyed, there was no stone left unturned. An intense obligation made sure of leaving nothing behind, mentally recorded visions in particular. Problem is, those memories could only be played back through the interpreter; and a cabin fevered one at that. In ending, I leave tomorrow. Niche to be no longer, I surrender the unanswered questions. Who have I become? Why did I stay so long? And most importantly, what exactly was it that I was waiting for? As it may, totally unintentional; she never did walk back through that door.

So conclusion avast, the time has come; hoist those three sheets to the wind. Be patient, dear apprentice of the stranded. With mast buried in mud, the capsized view shall be ever so breathtaking.

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