Page VI

The cost of one decaffeinated is the new day rate for the homeless. Their hub connections are often sluggish but temporarily trump the daunting alternative. Complex role reversal of my once dependable shelter has released a bird of passage. Desensitization is perhaps achievable after extreme exposure, but only bearable in minute doses. As procrastination manifests into inevitability, time still insists on passing. If nothing, this nomadic lifestyle has proven I can still exist on a raw molecular structure.

Once that instinctive impulse of protection was rendered a fail, bereavement injected and drafted a vacuous course. Surging through tangled wires, pulmonary and umbilical, expanding grasp and tightening with the clots flow. Escalating pressure forces reanimation of mobility. Dextral limb crosses sinistral, mindless and robotic. Rust deems futile, immune to seize, for this hydroelectric crank abducts solarization from a sleepless sun.

Fresh faces, familiar intentions, flickered glimpses from flipping pages. Natures mold so vast but incomplete. Sunrise, sunset, my physical form wanders into empty wonder.

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