Louis F. Cuffari

Creative evangelist for various mediums, Louis F. Cuffari portrays the role of art director, production designer, illustrative animator and surrealist painter. Collaborating with renown entities including the Smithsonian Institution, Adobe Incorporated and Sony Music, his organic approach and subtle aesthetic have been awarded within the criteria of originality and individualism, as well as recognition for charitable work within the visual arts community as both artist and mentor. He currently resides in New York City, where the development of his picturesque story continues to evolve, creatively documenting the experiences that have left an influential impression on him.
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The Bulimic Cannibal
25x45 Oil/Acrylic on Canvas
Distant Limbic
38x21 Oil/Acrylic on Canvas
My Sistine
30x40 Oil/Acrylic on Canvas
God Slain Via Continental
48x15 Oil/Acrylic on Canvas
23x23 Oil/Acrylic on Canvas
Age of Entwinement
26x26 Oil/Acrylic on Canvas
Motions of Sickness
34x16 Oil/Acrylic on Canvas
Utmost Communication
22x50 Oil/Acrylic on Canvas
Mothers Requiem
18x24 Oil/Acrylic on Canvas
Unreachable Level of Existence
28x36 Oil/Acrylic on Canvas
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